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Hacking Project Management
August 15, 2023
Welcome back to Business Unfiltered, today's topic is Project Management. 2:32 : Project Management Learnings. The story of how they started working together. The idea of the ideal workday. Why a task should never be completed. A hack to change the language process. 6:22: How to create a virtual desk. The second half of the story. A productivity reporting system for the team. Using project management terms to have a better conversation. Creating an evergreen, evergreen environment. Everything is in one place now. A big simplification of the tools is necessary. 12:11 : The stigma of project management and Clickup. Three things Jeff has never heard of before. The stigma of project management. Going back to spreadsheets for the whole world view. Introducing a second brand. 15:45 : How to change the status of a task. The status hack, done but not complete. The first status, assigned but unaware. The process of checking for errors. The process is called TBV being right. 19:35 : Transitioning to a digital file system. The process of TBV. Using the assignee section to define whose desk it is on. Building a shadow system in Google Drive. Organizing the hierarchy of Google Drive folders. 22:11 : Hacks by nature aren’t permanent. Reorganizing Google drive and other areas. Championing the system for ease of use. Day-to-day management of the project. The shadow system with Google Drive. 26:19 : How to use the working on date field to improve productivity. Working on this today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next quarter, next year. Working on dates. Being willing to be wrong and having back-up. The importance of having a weekly meeting. 29:52 : No more babysitting. No more babysitting, just now. Blocked status, see comments and see comments. Never automate a system before planning it out.
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