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How To Get Referrals
June 6, 2023
This episode defines referrals and discusses strategies for how to get them for your business. 1:46: The definition of a referral. Why referrals are a tricky part of a business. The challenge with referrals. The definition of a referral. How to make referrals happen more often. How to measure marketing academy. How to take advantage of a lucrative channel. 8:09: Differences between ads and referrals. Why referrals are easier than paid media. The awareness stage of a referral. 10:35: How to get referrals? The two things to do when someone leaves a client company. The best referrals come from someone who is fully aware of your capabilities. A referral is creating your own luck. How to get inbound business. 15:33: How to create your own luck. How to create your own luck. How to get other people to talk about you. 17:51: The modern version of measurement marketing. The modern version of referral marketing. Most referrals come from a handful of people. How to measure the buzz from referrals. Quantitative and qualitative measures of buzz. 22:28: Tribal Marketing and Brand Marketing. Jeff talks himself off the ledge. Tribal marketing and creating a buzz. Every opportunity leads to the next opportunity. Every opportunity is just leading to the next opportunity. How to get more referrals. An example of a referral call. 29:02 The importance of being helpful. The expectation of an ad 20 in the beginning. The importance of serving others. You can always be helpful. Being helpful is free. One or two nuggets from this podcast.
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