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Creating Proposals For Services
June 6, 2023
In this episode, we discuss how to create a proposal for your services. 0:13: What is a proposal? How do you create one? Define what a proposal is to Mercer. A general recap of what's already been delivered in terms of the value. The confusion around proposals. 3:31: What are some strategies around proposals? Strategies for proposals and putting forward a proposal. How to keep a proposal simple. Using sales language, not contract language. How to handle when things don't work as planned, a risk assessment. 8:59: Why Jeff doesn’t use fancy tools for his calls. Jeff shares his strategy for communication and how it works for him. Jeff talks about the strategy of not using fancy tools for communication. An advocate of not skipping steps and follow-up until they do it. Building a whole quote builder, line item by line item estimate. 15:13: What is a statement of work? Proposal is a statement of work to write. Keeping it general, not detailed. 17:32: Using the proposal as a way to reinforce value. Using the proposal to reinforce the value of the business. Calculator in line items. How he arrived at his own method for proposals. The all in one proposal. 22:11 What’s building muscle in your business. Building muscle by going through and mining the sales process. A different style of using proposals, a seven-page pdf with client statement. 24:47: How to use proposals to get clients that last more than a month. Using proposals to flatten the sales timeline. Limiting beliefs around pricing. Under-charging vs over-charging, and why it's a numbers game. Raising rates is one way to do it. Raising rates to keep the client longer. Why proposals are important in proposals. 30:38: How to optimize for long-term relationships . Optimizing for long-term relationships is the way to go. Final thoughts on proposals. Proposals are a small but important step in the process. The biggest killer of satisfaction.
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