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Planning Your Ideal Work Day
August 8, 2023
Welcome back to Business Unfiltered with Mercer and Jeff Sauer today's topic is planning out an ideal work day. 1:48 : How do you plan your ideal day? How to plan the day. Evaluate yourself and how to be productive. Balancing time and energy to end the day with energy and accomplishment. The importance of time blocking and having control of your time. 7:04 : Planning for the end of the day. The importance of planning for the end of the day. The biggest challenge is planning for more than just one thing. 9:33 : Energy ebbs and flows and how to plan your day. Energy ebbs and flows throughout the day. How talking to people gives Jeff more energy. Code switching and the two-hour block. Two questions to ask yourself. 13:59 : Giving yourself consequences for procrastination. Procrastination and consequences. Getting better at scoping and being realistic with goals. 16:33 : The story we tell ourselves about procrastination. Tinker with the procrastination system and perfect it. Stories they tell themselves to motivate themselves. Setting up a schedule to gamify productivity. Creating a system of positive constraints to push you in the direction you want to go. 21:24 : How to break down your time block into hours. The pomodoro technique and time blocking. The two-hour block and the productivity book. One hour of time blocking for Jeff. How time blocking helps with procrastination. 25:12 : Warming up to the task. Giving yourself 30 minutes of warm-up time. Defining what goes in the two to four hours. Why an assistant is important for prioritizing tasks. Delegating 15 minute projects. 29:07 : How long does it take to do a video? How long it takes to create a training video. Planning for the warm-up. Doing one thing in four hours. The $5,000 rule and blocking off time.
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