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Keeping SOPs Up To Date
July 18, 2023
0:24: What is an sop? SOP, the operating manual of the business. Why sops need to be updated. 2:59: The difference between a sop and project plan. The difference between an sop and a project plan. Keeping an SOP up to date. 5:25: Do you attach sops to every task on a project? The distinction between assigning sops and trust. Putting more trust in the individual. The broken windows theory with subway cars. Taking out the trash everywhere. 10:01: How often do you keep your sop up to date? Building sop into the culture. How to keep sop up-to-date. 12:31: Would you take out the trash? Taking out the trash and paying for it. Similar to taking out the garbage. 16:59: Keeping up to date with technology. Keeping things up to date is a legacy thing. An sop for the podcast to streamline the delivery of the podcast. 19:38: Should teaching be separate from the checklist? Should teaching be separate from the original video. Teach people how to do the job. 22:37: Pleasure to be alive. A quick recap of the episode. A quick summary of the conversation. 24:53: Organizational structure is key. Organization is key to enforcing SOPs. The 1000 list, brand standards and mission vision. 26:45: Define the culture of your company. Championing the new way of doing things. The importance of clear organizational structure and enforcement. Next step is to make it explicit. Taking out the trash is for everyone.
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