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When To Create SOPs
June 6, 2023
This episode covers when you should create SOPs for your business and our experiences working with them. 1:27: Have you ever had to hand over your business to someone else? Two different businesses, agency and consulting shop. One-on-one training, one-on -one training. The mid-2000s, when solopreneurship almost imploded. The danger of doing it too early. 6:13: The importance of having a plan. One of the biggest misconceptions about SOPs. The importance of documenting processes. Three levels of resources, advanced, intermediate and outsourced. Separating tasks by role. 11:06: Do you have sops for certain roles or do you have them for every role? Sops for certain roles or for every role. Maintaining two systems. 13:06: How do you do the risk vs. reward of this? Ditching a project management tool in Google suite. Documenting processes informally. 16:52: Never say never, never. Never say never, never say no. Simple, simple, simple. 21:30: How do you hand over a project to your team? Creating a sop video to hand over tasks. Creating a checklist for each task. 23:38: Steps to add to your marketing campaign. Steps added at the beginning of every marketing campaign. Hiring an operations manager. 27:01: What’s the middle layer in your business? The progression of SOPs, starting with the CEO. Sops for education and agency businesses. Different level of project management for a product than an agency. Book Recommendation: E-Myth revisited. 31:03: When you have a million dollar client, they’re not going to let you choose your sops. No sops for a million dollar client. What to do every day during search marketing.
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