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Social Media Strategies for SMBs
August 1, 2023
Welcome to the Business Unfiltered Podcast 0:00: How do you define social media strategies? How Jeff defines social media strategies. Focus on one social media platform. The shiny object syndrome and how to overcome it. 3:41: How to choose a channel. How to choose a YouTube channel. The importance of research before choosing a channel 6:22: The value exchange of value on You Tube. Tribal marketing and co-producing content with other brands. The importance of consistent brand content and an exchange of value. On-demand workshops for members in the members area. Consistency is key to membership retention. 11:24: How to use LinkedIn content to draw new subscribers? Using LinkedIn as a channel supplement to email. Using LinkedIn to add value to free channels. 12:49: Why tactical learning doesn’t always lead to social media? Tactical learning on social media vs problem content. Three main niches of social media. How to choose the right channel for your business. How is different from YouTube. 16:33: Is YouTube a tactical social network? YouTube is a social network, but also a tactical network. YouTube is both search and discovery. The difference between email and LinkedIn. How email is like social media. 21:24: How to be tactical with your marketing strategy? How to use Quick books vs Market IO. How to choose the right social media channel. The 10% of society that is not a hunter. Hunting is mostly failure. 25:15: Social media is starting to fracture. Social media is starting to fracture into smaller groups and communities. Building a community. Making a commitment and making it a habit. The new wave of buying power. 29:27: Sketching out the future of the company. The importance of sketching out the future. Using Reddit from a tactical and strategic perspective. Discovery vs search, and how to say no to social media. Three things to take away.
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