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Hiring Remote Employees
June 6, 2023
This week, we discuss hiring remote employees, answering key questions, and defining what goes into hiring remotely. 1:24: How do you handle the idea of hiring remote employees over a business? 3:50: The pain of hiring in the first place. 6:19: How do you find good talent? Hiring someone remote for the first 13 weeks. Hiring the first hire. 8:29: Hiring for success vs. hiring for success. Entrepreneurs expect instant success and perfect people, but it can happen. Hiring for specialty roles in the early stage. 11:18: How do you know who to hire? Hiring employees from alumni and network. Hiring people who work well with remote people. 13:50: Write the job description in a way that attracts the person that likes the company culture. The job description should attract the individual that likes the company culture. Hire someone who is already doing the job, not just the job. 16:54: Hiring mistakes we’ve made and what we would do now from them. Hiring mistakes they have made and what they would do now. 18:09: Final words on hiring. With no data, you’re going to make the wrong decision. The importance of data-driven decisions in hiring. Understanding people's environment and setting rules. The best they are ever going to be. 20:05: Biggest Tips. Be skeptical when hiring remote workers. Jeff shares his thoughts on remote work.
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