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AI How are businesses using it?
September 26, 2023
Welcome back to Business Unfiltered with Mercer and Jeff Sauer today's topic is AI How are businesses using it?1:08: Using generative AI for research. AI is most likely using generative AI in order to come up with research ideas and write content to save time in the process. AI is another way to automate stuff, even if it is just automating words, like writing 300 word blog posts. Mercer uses chatbot for brainstorming and creating new ideas for the human side of the process. He also uses it for code, code rewriting, copy and editing. Mercer is good at using chatbot to rewrite code and copy, which is 60% 70% percent done. Chatbot is used as a copy chief, and editor. 6:41 : How to use AI. Everyone on the team is super awesome about wanting to use AI. No standard, but everyone uses all the tools mentioned. AI gives us a bunch of ideas, and then the human filter goes through and then it goes to market. The low-level copy club doesn't have a lot of value right now, because they're not production-ready. The first draft is the greatest first draft in the history of the world, and is used as a first draft for everything they do. 10:48: How do you use AI for technical work? AI seems to use a lot of words and not say anything, and it is super noticeable. The human element is why the human is involved, and the two together are pretty good. For an instructor, using AI helps find gaps and fill in the gaps. BigQuery can be used for gap analysis and teaching people how to build an API. BigQuery is becoming a new tool that a lot of businesses are starting to get into because of the idea that they all need to have their own data. 14:20: Google’s role in the workplace. Google is a great example of an AI assistant, but it is not all the way there yet, and with time there will be all of the way to it. Google is committed to this, and has a lot of experience working with it. 18:55: The next level of prompt engineering. Prompt engineering is the next level of business, getting good inputs to it and telling it what to do to get there. Google search was successful because they had a better layer of the prompt. The entire Microsoft office suite is obsolete because of Google, and how much Google has replaced it. There is a new tool called Notebook LM that is coming out. 22:44: How to train ai to be more effective. It's like marketing. The first step is getting email, and the second step is segmenting the email list. AI is being used internally versus what many people are moving into, which is seductive, but paranoid about AI bot giving out wrong information and no one knowing it, because it is independently working. AI creates new jobs, wealth and efficiency, and will never replace the need for humans. 26:08 : The power of having a database. Having a catalog like Google Drive and AI and being able to use that catalog to train a model is basically immortality to a certain extent. There are so many steps that need to happen to connect to each other, but everything will be on Google Drive. The more data that they get to train the model, they will get better at different dialects of how a word is spoken. They will also be able to capture that word in a wide variety of ways. They are looking at using it for marketing, like Opus. Jeff welcomes his AI overlords to the show. He encourages listeners to use AI as a second opinion and get it into their life so they can always run something by it and be better off than they were without it.
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