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Managing Team Members With SOPs
June 6, 2023
In this episode, we discuss how to manage your team members using SOPs, and when they can be leveraged based on your teams growth plans. 1:34: How do you take the repetitive tasks and make sure they are done consistently and to your level of standard and satisfaction? What a strategy is and how it works. The importance of a belief system. The corporate culture of negative feedback. The importance of listening for and evolving feedback. 5:52: How to create a feedback culture in your company. The final frontier, creating a feedback culture. Over-delegating and over-delivering. Working with spreadsheets in the past and the future. Hiring a spreadsheet expert. 9:59: The best case scenario is when you find a diamond in the rough who comes in at one level. The best-case scenario, a diamond in the rough who comes in at one level and jumps on. Specific tactics for the sop. 12:40: The CEO is not going to be the one to do the work, it’s the worker who will. Make it 10% better each time. Create a culture where people feel empowered to make their own. 14:44: What is the balance between delegating too easily and micromanaging? Creating a culture where KPIs are empowered to make changes. Delegating too easily or micromanaging. Focusing on the result, not the result. Evolving templates and making it your own. 18:40: How do you know that they’ve made the process their own? How to measure if someone has made the process their own. How to offload repetitive tasks. 20:51: SOP’s can be a mistake when managing individuals. Jeff shares his thoughts on sops and why they are important. Jeff explains how to balance between teaching and telling people what to do. Breaking down into defined roles makes it easier to find a replacement. The levels of sops, beginner, entry-level, intermediate, advanced and high-end. 26:25: The three levels of hiring: the lowest level, the highest level, and the middle level. The three levels of conversation. Taking ownership of the role and the company. Hire them to get the job done. Hire someone who knows marketing. 29:37: The importance of hiring Rocket Ship people. The importance of hiring a rocket ship. Hiring the rocket ship person. The one percenters and the 10 percenters. Time management and recording time.
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