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Remote vs In-Person Teams - Pros & Cons
June 13, 2023
This episode discusses the differences, pros, and cons between remote teams and distributed teams within your home country. 4:00: How do you build out a permanent business? Early on, using subcontractors is the only way to bootstrap a business. Remote is flexible and flexible. The ROI of the dollar spent on remote work. How to manage remote teams. 8:25: The importance of the permanence of the role and the benefits of having an in-person team. The importance of the permanence of the role. The benefits of in-person meetings. 10:49: How often do you get your team together in person? How often the team meets in-person and remote. How they manage remote work. 12:43: The importance of having quarterly team meetings. Quarterly meetings with the four team leaders to discuss the budget and problem-solving. The importance of getting people face-to-face with each other. 15:08: Have you ever gotten your team together from around the world? How do you keep the team together? Meeting people from around the world. Meeting with people in person to sell the company. The challenges of in-person meetings with remote teams. The challenge of moving from a remote to a distributed work environment. 20:07: The cost of remote work is expensive. Pushing paperwork is expensive for remote work. Zoom is 65% of face-to-face meetings. 22:03: The importance of in-person meetings. The importance of face-to-face meetings for team building. The biggest challenge in the business, being 100% 100% me decisions. 24:50: How do you show someone you value them in a way that is remote? Empowering the team to make every idea 20% and 30% better. The importance of purpose-based communication. Three times a day, point to a cliff. The importance of speaking up.
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