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Roles vs People
October 3, 2023
Welcome back to Business Unfiltered with Mercer and Jeff Sauer today's topic is Roles vs People 0.00: The biggest piece of advice is to separate person from role. A person is an individual talents, a role is what you want them to get done right, and a job description is the other thing. 3:15: What is the minimum viable resource? One person can do three or four different roles, but the org chart looks smaller when there are four people for four pieces. The minimum viable resource is the unicorn, the person who can do a bunch of stuff, like editing videos or writing descriptions. Separating the person from the role allows you to put a business structure that has been proven by every MBA program out there and every successful business in the world. 6:52: How do you look at the org chart? Mercer is systems-oriented and wants to make the system visible so he can fix it if it's not working right or make it better or optimize it. The org chart is basically the map of how the company performs right with all these different roles organized. The importance of having an org chart for entrepreneurs to see what roles are needed to replace and what is required for that role so that they can effectively replace it. How the org chart gives visibility into what is needed for the next generation of employees. 10:50: The importance of having a business partner. You don't realize how many hats you wear in business until you have visibility. Every company has to solve these things and every company has a hierarchy. Sometimes the only other unicorn you can find is your business partner, and that can accelerate a business early on. 12:55: Roles within the marketing department. Easier to recruit for someone who has a role like analyst or marketing assistant or associate, rather than a generalist or social media strategist. Separating the person from the role. Using the roles within roles concept from a management standpoint, they went down the list of marketing roles and where they were spending their time. One of the other roles that a marketing team has to produce is offers. They were spending a lot of time in infusionsoft with all the campaigns that build these campaigns, but it wasn't actually producing the results that they need. They were wasting their time on creating offers, not creating money. 17:34: Leadership helps keep people on track and on track. Paid media starts becoming a little easier, and writing copy is a lot easier now. Making an offer for example in marketing that is the biggest thing they can do, but they don't want to make a commitment to being wrong, so they copy other people's work. Marketing's goal is to make either more top of funnel or bottom of funnel. Sales and marketing don't like each other. How to fill a role with an employee or contract when you don't have enough resources to address it individually. 22:36: How to rank success. Start with what is going to make us enough to use. The answer is almost always to make more money so we can afford these other things. The third thing to consider is the amount of success. It takes a lot of effort, but it's a high-level success. The company did not have management training in place to help them understand how to manage a team. The CEO is a business geek and has been reading all the business books since he was 12. He wants to be better and better at management. 26:42: Teaching people to be better business owners. The second wave is teaching people how to be better business owners and more effective in an organization. In a traditional organization, the only way up is management. To get paid more, you have to manage those different areas of a business. One minute manager is a great book to get started with. It's simple and easy to read, and it gets the conversation started. Separating people from the role and giving them the training they need to be good at it and be very clear with how that role fits into the organization.
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