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Goals for 2024
January 2, 2024
Welcome back to Business Unfiltered with Mercer and Jeff Sauer today's topic is Goals for 2024 0.00: Mercer and Jeff Sauer discuss their goals for 2024, including holding themselves accountable through podcast form. They organize their goals into buckets such as financial, business, and personal, and plan to share their progress throughout the year. Jeff emphasizes the importance of continuous goal setting and execution, rather than setting new goals each year. 3:12: Personal growth and family goals for 2024. Jeff wants to reestablish himself as a brand by starting a personal YouTube channel and being more authentic online. His personal goals include taking his family on a trip every quarter and separating his personal and business life. 5:54: Personal growth and business goals. Jeff delves into business strategies, the power of prioritization, and a visionary 10x idea of "service stacking." Mercer desires to work on his need for control, accepting that some things are out of his control, and improving his relationships through self-reflection and growth. Jeff discusses the importance of taking time to think and listen, and how it can lead to better decision-making and a more productive workweek. He aims to do less in 2024 than he did in 2023, as the team was overworked from too many projects. 10:57: Business strategy, prioritization, and 10x ideas. Jeff plans to write a book on "service stacking" and selling coaching and continuity programs. 14:15: Marketing strategies for a business. Mercer discusses the importance of creating lower-ticket offers to reach a wider audience and increase sales. He aims to triple down on lower-ticket offers and improve targeting to solve marketing challenges. 16:33: Business goals, marketing strategies, and monetization models. Mercer and Jeff discuss their tendency to overcomplicate things and add their spin to ideas, rather than simply following instructions. They both acknowledge the importance of changing their relationship with their audience and being more accepting of others' ideas. Jeff discusses his business model shift from courses to more free content with sponsorships and affiliate offers. He aims to be more vulnerable and real, while still providing value to his audience. Jeff believes this change will allow him to be more useful to people without requiring direct payment. 22:12: Business growth strategies and brand development. Mercer wants to explore new options and find new ways to bring in revenue and exchange value between his business and the marketplace. He is interested in the concept of sponsorship deals and emailing a list to promote a product demo or vendor talk. Mercer is launching a new brand called Automated in 2024, which will focus on other business systems entrepreneurs need help with, in addition to measurement systems. 25:09: Podcast goals and alignment. Jeff wants to keep the podcast light and enjoyable, with relationship-building as the primary goal. He is not actively trying to monetize the podcast but rather sees it as a way to build their brand and establish a connection with their audience. Jeff is focused on creating content that resonates with their audience and doesn't feel the need to pitch services too heavily, instead relying on anecdotal conversations and word-of-mouth. Mercer and Jeff are aligned on their goals for the podcast, including building a relationship with early adopters and growing the audience through organic means.
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