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How to do Cold Outreach Without being SPAM
July 11, 2023
Welcome back to business unfiltered. 0:02: When you should generate leads using cold outreach. 1:33: The difference between spam and cold outreach. The definition of spam and cold outreach. Cold outreach is not a bad thing. Strategies to get over the lumpiness of revenue. How cold outreach could be used. 4:46: Cold Outreach as a way to bring in new people. Using cold outreach as a way to create relationships. Relationships are more important than just sending messages. Spam is a numbers game. Why GDPR exists and why it's illegal. 9:36: Hiring a cold calling person. Hiring a cold calling person multiple times. Shifting from cold calling to account based marketing. 10:52: Account based marketing vs. Cold Outreach. High-quality account-based marketing vs cold outreach. Cold outreach is a way of scaling a business. 14:04: How to know if a copywriter is a good copywriter? How to identify a good copywriter. What to look for in a copywriting coach. Working with one or two clients at a time. Working on referral basis with copywriters. 18:11: Going to the accounting firm Psi. Going on the accounting firm PSI. The accounting firm, PSi. 19:32: How to reach out to accountants. Outreach about two things, tax credit and payroll credit. Cold outreach vs cold outreach. Cold outreach with an offer is a sign that you want to build a relationship. The best relationships. 24:03: The difference between cold and tepid outreach. Tepid outreach is better than cold outreach. The importance of the first introduction. Not cold, but not warm. First impression. Cold email takes a lot of time. 27:44: Cold outreach vs. warm outreach. Wrap up, summarize the conversation. The difference between cold outreach and cold outreach. The scale between cold and warm outreach.
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