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What To Do When Referrals Dry Up
June 20, 2023
This week's episode talks about what to do when referrals dry up for your business. 2:11: The difference between referrals and word of mouth. Word of mouth vs word of mouth. Expectations, expectations and strategy. Top of mind awareness is the key to word-of-mouth referrals. Getting referrals is not a strategy. 5:29: Top of funnel and bottom of funnel strategy. Top of the funnel, top of mind strategy. Separating strategy and tactics. 8:07: Top of mind marketing is very inefficient. Top of mind marketing is very inefficient in the beginning. Podcasts work really well. 10:42: Top of mind awareness and referrals. How to generate both leads and top-of-mind awareness. How to network with super connectors. The next level of the system to replace. The mechanics of running the system. 14:04: It’s actually less expensive than you’d think. The first thing people cut out once they start trying to make money. One out of every 10 things has a chance to go viral. How do you measure referrals? How Jeff measures referrals. The organic percentage of people buying from his site. 19:15: Getting granular with your marketing efforts. Time constraints and time constraints. Top of mind and awareness style marketing. Reach out to people you haven't heard from in a while. Create a system. 21:58: How to leverage referral traffic. How Jeff uses social media as a referral generator. The difference between high-ticket and low-ticket referral traffic. 24:44: Top of funnel awareness and top of funnel marketing. Improving top of mind awareness and top of funnel awareness. The five stages of awareness. The four awareness stages, top of funnel, sales and referrals. Endorsements vs referrals.
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