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Buying Your Time Back as a Business Owner
July 25, 2023
Welcome to business unfiltered with Mercer and Jeff Sauer. 0:00: What does it mean to buy your time back? The idea of buying time back. 2:23: Strategies for buying your time back. Categorize the strategy by category at a time. Hiring a generalist to balance you and your business. Finishing out day-to-day activities. 6:06: A perfect use case for this technique. Invoicing for high-ticket clients. The mental energy that comes from sending invoices. Half of people are still sending their own invoices. How to get paid for invoicing. 9:56: How much does it cost to do video editing? Replacing a bookkeeper for less than $1,000 per month. 10x offloading tasks. Hiring an outsourcer in the Philippines to edit videos. Mental energy is the biggest release. 14:05: Hiring a video editor and executive assistant. Offloading website design and scheduling. 16:34: Hiring an executive assistant. How the idea of an assistant has changed. How to respond to hundreds of emails. Understanding how an editor thinks and what the editor might need before giving it to a specialist. Understanding measurement and how measurement works. 20:48: The best entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs. The best entrepreneurs are the best business owners. The book buying your time back. Being an entrepreneur is not farming, it is hunting. The hunter farmer. 24:28: The problem with thinking everyone is like you. Hiring the right team members for the job. The hunter farmer analogy. Nine to one, farmers to hunters. Who can do this for you vs you. 28:52: The importance of having a to do list. Moving up the topic of the V.A. Delegating tasks to others to make it a to-do list. Recognizing the pattern.
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