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What is the minimum level of team members you need?
July 4, 2023
0:00: How do you define your team? How to determine the size of a team. The importance of team size. 2:05: How to shorten the runway for your business? The two ways to get out of your comfort zone. Hiring outside of comfort zones. 4:56: The good news is that you have money coming in. In business, there is money coming in. You have to have faith. 8:30: The first level of decisions are about the founder. The timeline element of the decision-making process. How the timeline affects the decisions. The first level of decisions are always about the founder. Hiring for the person you hired. 13:18: Hiring employees as an expense vs. an opportunity. Being on defense versus being on offense. Hiring employees is not an expense. 14:57: Leveraging a line of credit for capital. Community moneymaker is a moneymaker because of retention. Leveraging a line of credit. The level of certainty that comes from having a long-term plan. Bets on yourself. 21:02: How did you become an agency owner? How Jeff became an agency owner. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone and the challenges. 23:16: Putting all your eggs in the same basket. Putting eggs in the basket and setting yourself back three years. The downsides. The marketing guy wanted to be a copywriter. The importance of team continuity. 26:19: What’s the difference between the two? A quick recap of the episode. A quick summary of the conversation. 27:42: Can I have done this sooner? Trial and error is the least effective way of doing things. Profit center vs expense.
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